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We're all about a good fit. We're all about the fine details. But most of all, we're all about what it takes to get you into a suit that you will always be proud to wear.

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Casual suiting shirts: sometimes a little personality goes a long way. Try a tee or polo under a blazer for a unique look.

Lightweight jackets: our lightweight 3-season blazer keeps you from overheating when you're going for that put-together look.

Expandable collar: the solution to the tieknot chokepoint. This collar innovation features a hidden strip of elastic that adds up to 2" of extra room at the neck.

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Nobody stays the same forever. We designed our dress pants to expand up to 4" at the waist, so you never feel constrained, and always feel secure.

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Few things are more frustrating than having your suit jacket pinch at the shoulder and armpit whenever you cross your arms. The solution seemed obvious to use: install a pair of modern stretch panels into the lining at the shoulders and underarms. The results are nothing short of total liberation!

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